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Server Description [Mysterium x1500 NEW]

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Spring loaded with drive High Five x1500 PvP with high starting online awaits its heroes


We guarantee class balance, protection from bots and DDos attacks. Long-term guarantee of work!

      A new balanced game world awaits you for a long and exciting game. All areas of PvP have been worked out in detail, from the Olympiad to daily mixes on clan Raid Bosses. An exciting game concept with a long-lived economy is something that modern PvP projects lack. An experienced and responsive project team will provide you with stable daily support, updated events, a constant advertising campaign, high-quality assembly, protection from DDos and third-party software.
Server Chronicles: High Five part 5 PvP / There are some additions on the server (Not affecting the balance).

Main project rates:

  • 4.jpg Xp: x1500
  • 3.jpg Sp: x1500
  • 1.jpg Adena: x350-x500 "Higher in special farming zones"
  • 6.jpg Drop: x1 "From champions Blue - х18 Red - х35"
  • 2.jpg Spoil: x5
  • 6.jpg Quest Reward: x2,  х5
  • 6.jpg Quest Items: x5
  • 5.jpg Epaulettes: x15
  • 7.jpg RaidBoss: х2

Premium account increases rates by x2. Enchant with premium increased by + 5%. The chance of crafting MV items has been increased to 15%.

Особенности сервера:

Server currency:

  • Etc_adena_i00_0.jpg Adena - drops from all monsters.
  • Etc_ev_kalie_token_0.jpgMysterium Gold - You can get it in the exchanger for 100kk Aden.
  • Etc_magic_coin_silver_i02_0.jpg Silver Shilen - For events
  • Etc_magic_coin_gold_i02_0.jpg Gold Einhasad - For Promotions and donations.
  • Etc_coins_gold_i00_0.jpg Coin of Luck - You can get it for events, 7 RB, clan Raid Boss, Olympiad, in special zones and in the exchanger for 1 Gold Einhasad.

Game store:

  • The in-game store is unique and you can buy all the equipment in it, both for Adena / Raid Points / Tokens and for PvP medals. Game store:
  • Starting character level 81
  • Starter kit:
  •   Weapon_draconic_bow_i01_0.jpg Free weapon to choose from +6
  •   Armor_t89_ul_i00_0.jpg Free booking set to choose from +6
  •   jewel.jpg A set of free jewelry to choose from +6
  •   Etc_adena_i00_0.jpg Adena - 20000000
  •   Accessory_earring_of_zaken_i00_0.jpg Earring of Zaken - 3 days
  •   Accessory_ring_of_queen_ant_i00_0.jpg Queen Ant's Ring - 3 days
  •   br_cash_rune_of_sp_i00_0.png Rune of EXP и SP - 10 hours
  •   Br_rune_of_eva_i00_0.jpg Eva's Rune - 5 hours
  •   etc_potion_blue_i00_0.png  CP and MP potions

Great Olympics:

Subclass and Nobility:

  • The subclass is available without completing the quest.
  • Subclass leveling up to level 85.
  • Maximum number of subclasses - 3
  • Nobility is available in ALT + B for in-game currency. Enchant level and chance:
  • Maximum weapon enchant: +20 / armor: +16 / jewelry: +16 / Enchant chance: 65% (with PA 70%).
  • new.png Safe enchant: +6.
  • new.png Olf's Shirt Sharpening 50%. (with PA 55%) Can be transferred.
  • Attribute for High Five 120/300.
  • Attribution Stones 36%, Crystals 36%.

Raid Bosses:

  • Fixed respawn of Epik Bosses.
  • Antharas - 72 hours
  • Valakas - 96 hours
  • Baium (85 lvl) - 48 hours 
  • new.png Queen Ant (83 lvl) - 24 hours 
  • Core - 24 hours
  • Orfen - (85 lvl) 48 hours
  • Barakiel - 4 hours
    Beleth  - 24 hours
  • new.png Noblesse - 4 hours
  • Freya -Number of players to enter 3
  • Frintezza - Number of players to enter 3   
  • Zaken(83 lvl) - Number of players to enter  3 
  • Day Zaken - Number of players to enter 3
  • Night Zaken - Number of players to enter 3
  • Frintezza necklace drop rate 30%, Freya 25%, Zaken earring drop rate - Top 5% / Day 7% / Night 30%


  • new.png Bonuses for the time in the game "Timer Reward"
  • new.png Maximum number of clans in an alliance 0
  • Reduced the number of people to raise the lvl clan.
  • Selling a personal buff - .buff_store

  • Auto use CP, HP, MP - .autocp
  • Auto-insert attribute -  .cfg
  • Summation of talismans -  .cfg





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